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Project: Faith Checkbook

Quoting Spurgeon on his book Faith's Check Book:

"For long years several thousands of God's people have read my MORNING BY MORNING and EVENING BY EVENING, and many of them have been good enough to write me, and acknowledge the benefit of such a perusal. I hope this little book will not interfere with those volumes. These daily portions are gathered from a more varied range of topics, and are all the more profitable because they deal with doctrine, experience, practice, and everything else. This is a sweetmeat of promise only, and it must not interfere with the fuller meals: nay, rather, I hope it will excite a desire for them." -- CH. Spurgeon.

Spurgeon's Faith's Check Book has made its way into apps for iPhone and Android phones. Now it has found Joomla! Rejoice Joomla churchwebmasters!

The work on Faith Checkbook Component started in July 2012. Mid-way through the work, I contemplate combining the Morning & Evening with Faith Checkbook. And so I abandon the unfinished work and jump onto the next project, which is the Spurgeon ThriceDaily. However, to write in the MVC actually means more work needs to be done. Anyhow, I pay the price for not getting some fundamentals right and the project parks itself right infront of a wall.

The bright side is that I am able to plough some of the development work back to Spurgeon's Faith CheckBook. This I quickly do and so here I share with you my joys and God's goodness in presenting to you Joomla! Spurgeon Faith Checkbook.

This Joomla Spurgeon Component follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) implementation for extensions. MVC enables modifications or upgrading the extension a lesser risk of breaking the extension compared to procedural code. Currently the articles are fetched from single static html file. MVC makes it easier to change to retrieving the text from a database. This is planned for project Spurgeon ThriceDaily which will combine Faith Checkbook with Morning & Evening. 





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