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Project: Morning & Evening

Morning & Evening is the first extension written for Joomla on Spurgeon's works. The orginal author of this component is Foster Brereton. It was very well-received among the first generation church webmasters. When Joomla! 1.5 was introduced, this 1.0 component can only work if Legacy mode is turned on. It was at this time that I started on building a Joomla website for Berith Bible-Presbyterian Church.

I realised that Joomla had delisted all 1.0 extensions from the Extensions Directory and there wasn't any 1.5 version on this component. It wasn't difficult to amend some of the code for it to be installable in Joomla 1.5. I did very minimal work, all the work has been done by Foster. All I want to do is to make it able to install in Joomla 1.5 and produce XHTML-compliant webpages for this church website.

The latest version is something that I can actually call my own effort. The repeating story is that I started work on Faith Checkbook, abandon it for a while to work on another ambitious Spurgeon project (Spurgeon ThriceDaily) and having fallen off the track, went back to finish the Faith Checkbook. The work that I did for Faith Checkbook I have also put totally into the latest Morning & Evening.

As a result, this latest release of Spurgeon addresses the issues found since the last release collectively for both Joomla 1.5 & 2.5.

The issues are:
-The previous versions are not properly built around the MVC framework
-some PHP code is legacy and may not work if PHP is v5.4 and later.
-There are 126 html files in Content folder that need amendments

Regarding the 733 html files in the Content folder, there are 126 files which have been corrected for inconsistencies, 'scribal errors' and positioning of paragraph tags inside the preformatted tags. These files are taken from public domain free sources and are never thoroughly checked for errors and inconsistencies. 

These errors are repeated on many websites that features Spurgeon Morning & Evening. Some examples of errors can be found on the Mornings of 25 March and 6 September. Who would expect that these errors are never picked up all this while and found themselves into Joomla? Nevertheless, what you have now are amended files with these errors rectified. So if your church website is using some of those old cgi scripts to display Morning & Evening from these public domain text, its time to move to Joomla!

Lastly, I've given allowance for users who wish to change how the Morning & Evening is displayed. With this new release, user is able to style the Spurgeon page by modifying or adding to the style.css file.





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