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Terms of Service

Terms of Service Agreement

As a Registered user of churchwebmaster.com, you must agree to this Term of Service:

  1. You acknowledge that the content and services of this website are meant for and suitable to Bible-believing individuals and organisations.
  2. The information that you declare must be true at the time of registration. You may not provide any fictitious name, email or website. Churchwebmaster.com reserves the right to suspend, terminate or block any users who violate this Term of Service by providing false information with the intent to access the content and services through dishonourable means.
  3. If you wish only to obtain a copy of the source code of the Joomla! extensions, you may email us instead of registering. Such requests are usually granted in the spirit of FOSS(Free Open Source Software).
  4. While you are in possesion of the source code, you may freely modify them and distribute your modifed works provided you leave intact the name of the author and any copyright notice and licence that are included in the package. You may not re-distribute the author's original works without his written consent.
  5. You must be at least 13 years of age.


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